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A Quiet Cat Christmas - Clawdiasblog

A Quiet Cat Christmas

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Lighten Up!
February 16, 2018
A Quiet Cat Christmas-Merry Christmas

On Christmas Day, all through our house, you won’t find creatures stirring very much because we cats all take really long naps until Mom comes home the next day. It’s kind of like when she goes to work, because Mom is home in the morning on Christmas, and we go through our usual morning routine with breakfast and all, but when she leaves the house to go see our grandfather, she takes tons of stuff with her; big bags of boxes wrapped in paper and ribbons that we weren’t allowed to chew.  And she leaves Christmas music playing on the radio, and some of the Christmas lights on in the living room. While she’s gone, the radiator hisses off and on like me when I‘m annoyed.  And if it snows, I like to sit in the window and watch it fall. In the evening, a friend comes over to feed us dinner, and then we go back to sleep until mom comes home the next day. So, Christmas is a quiet day for us.

Years ago, when I lived outside, before Mom brought me inside, I didn’t know much about Christmas.  I didn’t even really know what a holiday was. But now I know a lot about holidays and I really like them! People usually seem happier on holidays.  Even if they’re busy, like Mom, they take more time to rest and have fun, like cats do.

Mom always says she’s sorry to leave us alone on Christmas day, but when she comes home the next day, we pretend like it’s really Christmas and we spend hours together.  She gives us lots of our favorite treats and we get the most toys at once that we get all year!  We get catnip toys, and balls to chase and toys with feathers and fluff and we have the best time playing with all of them together.  I don’t play with the catnip toys as much as the boys; Lucca gets kind of stoned and acts really crazy for a while.  He loves catnip.  I personally just take a little sniff of it and relax in my basket.  I prefer to keep it real, if you know what I mean.  But no judgement on Lucca; I think it’s fine if cats want to do catnip. Why should I care?  I think it’s good that it’s legal to sniff catnip.

Anyway, I’m off track.  The point is Christmas is what you make it. It isn’t about a particular day; it’s about what you do and who you do it with. In fact, if everybody pretended it was Christmas every day of the year, the world would probably be a lot happier and at least a little bit more relaxed.

So, Merry Christmas everyone!  My wish for you is that every day is like the best Christmas ever!!  xo

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