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Lighten Up! - Clawdiasblog

Lighten Up!

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January 17, 2018
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Lighten Up-Clawdiasblog

Lighten up

The boys in the house are pretty close to each other.  I’m the only girl (except for mom). There are three of them and one of me, and back when I came to live here, they all used to play together a lot.  We get along okay most of the time now, but in the beginning a couple of the boys used to give me a really hard time.  Luke in particular.  He’d pick on me, jump on me, and bite me sometimes.  Luke is a lot bigger than I am, so this was kind of scary.  Mom kept us separated when she wasn’t home because she was worried about me.  I used to hang-out in the living room most of the time, so she’d close the door and leave me in there by myself when she went to work.

At first I didn’t understand why she did this.  Was she mad at me?  But then she explained that she wanted me to be able to relax without worrying about Luke or Arlo sneaking up on me when she wasn’t there, so I started to enjoy it.  For several months I had the whole living room to myself during the day. I could sit wherever I wanted to, sleep as long as I wanted to, look out the window, eat, drink and use my litter box without anybody hassling me, but it was a little lonely sometimes.

It’s funny; one day I just decided I didn’t care about these stupid boys.  I wasn’t going to let them get under my fur anymore.   When one of them bugged me I stood my ground, hissed and swatted at him – and I didn’t run.  After a while, he got bored and skulked away.  I realized that if I didn’t run when the boys hassled me, they would eventually back-off because there wasn’t anything to chase! Ha! (Cats are so predictable sometimes.  Boys too.)

When mom noticed I didn’t seem afraid of the boys anymore she asked me if I wanted her to leave the living room door open when she was gone, and I let her know “yes”, I’d be okay.  Now I go all over the house whenever I want to, thank you very much; though I still like to sleep on the couch in the living room the most.

On the outside, where I grew up, girls have to be tough all the time.  There’s no question about boys being tougher than girls, or girls being tougher than boys.  We’re all tough; we have to be.  But there is definitely a “dynamic”, if you know what I mean.  Boys are much more apt to chase girls.  Girls don’t really chase boys.  It’s so different for me now, living inside with my family.  It took some time for us to get used to each other, but now I don’t have to be tough anymore.  I’ve definitely lightened-up, and so have Luke and Arlo.  The longer I live with these boys; these stupid boys, the fonder I am of them.  And as much as they’d probably hate to admit it, I think they’ve gotten so they kind of like me too.

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