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Sensitive Creatures - Clawdiasblog

Sensitive Creatures

Silly People Tricks
November 8, 2017
December 12, 2017

Cats are intuitive.  And we’re really sensitive too. We can’t help it. We hear sounds that people and even dogs can’t hear – higher pitched sounds.  That’s why we always know when there’s a bug flying around the room before you do.  And our sense of smell is about fourteen times stronger than a person’s (I know that’s pretty specific; I looked it up.)

And then there are our whiskers.  With whiskers we can sense what’s going on around us without having to see it. It’s true we can see much better in the dark than people can, but not when it’s totally pitch dark; that’s when whiskers come in super handy.

So, just by being still and listening, and breathing, I get a major download of information. I mean all cats do. I think people could too, if they just sat still more. Cats are sensitive in other ways too.  Like, we all know when mom is upset or sad about something. When this happens I personally try to comfort her by talking to her and sitting on her lap, if she sits still long enough (she should do that more).

Arlo gets very worried when mom seems unhappy. Arlo’s been pretty sick a couple of times and Mom is always fussing over him. Arlo and I are about the same age.  He tries to distract her by asking her to play. He’s good at this and it works sometimes.  Roy, the youngest cat in the house, asks her to pick him up so he can snuggle with her. Luke does this too, and if she does pick him up he gives her a big hug around her neck and I can tell she likes this. I’ve thought about trying this too, but I feel uncomfortable about being held way off the ground for even just a few seconds; it makes me nervous.  I know I feel this way because of something that happened to me when I was a kitten, which has nothing to do with mom, but I can’t seem to help it.  I could sit on mom’s lap for days, however. I love it!

Mom knows we do our best to take care of her; she’s sensitive too, in her own way. She loves us and she almost never gets mad at us.  She scolds us sometimes when we get into arguments with each other.  We’re with each other 24/7, and we’re not perfect so it happens. She tells us “No fighting please – be nice cats!”

I don’t pick fights.  Sometimes Arlo tries to chase me and pounce on me. He always wants to play, but he plays too rough for my taste and I’m not into it.  So I hiss at him and tell him to back off, and he usually does.  He can be a pain. Arlo and Roy wrestle with each other a lot.  They really seem to like it, but I don’t get it.  Roy once accidently scratched Arlo’s eye with his toenail and mom was really worried about it.  Arlo’s eye was okay in a few days, but we had a little drama about that. I’d much rather play with the toys.  We have baskets full of toys – nice, safe, stress-free, cat toys.

It’s time to sit on Mom’s lap and watch TV.  More later.

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