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Silly People Tricks - Clawdiasblog

Silly People Tricks

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November 8, 2017
Sensitive Creatures
December 11, 2017


Human beings are mystifying; they do the weirdest things.  I hear them talk about cats being crazy-silly. They watch tons of cat videos and they laugh and laugh at them, but what about people videos?

As I’ve said before, cats really love to play.  When you play and you really get into it you can look pretty silly, depending on what you’re doing, like chasing a ball around the house.  But cats don’t care if we look silly. We get a little embarrassed sometimes if we accidently fall or something, same as you do, but who cares about looking silly because being silly is usually pretty awesome!

I also watch videos on the internet, like mom does. I have a lot of time on my paws, so I see videos of cats being silly, but I see WAY more videos of people than cats, and people aren’t silly enough!  People do mostly boring things in videos.  Oh my God; so boring!  They talk and talk.  And they lecture and they perform and they blah-dee-blah-blah. There isn’t nearly as much playing and being silly on that side of the house as there should be, in my opinion.

There are videos of people rolling around on the ground with balls, chasing balls, kicking them, throwing them through hoops, but they all look so serious! Sometimes they look really mad! I guess people don’t want to look silly on the internet – not intentionally anyway.  Because I know for sure that people do really silly things all the time.

For instance, sometimes after mom takes a shower she gets out this tube with a long wire coming out of it and it makes a really loud, terrible, whirring noise.  She points this loud tube thing at her head! And what’s even weirder is she bends all the way over with her head upside down and blows this thing into her hair!  How weird is that?!  Nobody’s taking a video of that silliness and posting it on the internet in my house. Just saying.

From my perspective, in real life, people do pretty silly stuff all the time.  And besides, the loud tube thing hurts my ears.  Roy hates that sound.  He complains about it all the time. He puts up with it for about a minute and then he runs out of the bedroom to the other side of the house.  I don’t run but I don’t blame him. It’s normal cat behavior when something hurts our ears.

Roy is my little brother.  Actually, he’s not really my brother.  We’re not related by blood, but we live together and mom says we’re all her kids and she calls him my brother, so I go with it.  Anyway, Roy’s pretty easy going about most things, but the loud tube – mom calls it a hair dryer – makes him crazy.

Another silly thing I don’t quite understand is all the bathing with water and such.  Thank goodness I don’t have to do that and that mom doesn’t make me.  What is the point of standing under this huge spray of water when you’re just going to wipe it off a minute later?  And then the noisy tube in the hair nonsense happens.  It’s beyond me.  But mom always says it’s good to be a clean cat, and she’s right.  I guess if that’s the only way you can clean-up, it’s better than nothing. Just seems like it would be so much easier if people used their tongues.  There must be a reason why they don’t, but if you ask me it would be way more efficient.  You can wash-up anywhere, anytime.  Nothing silly about that.

Signing off.

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