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The Boys on the Block - Clawdiasblog

The Boys on the Block

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January 16, 2018
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February 16, 2018
Boys on the Block-Clawdia

I want this to be a family friendly blog, so I won’t go into a lot of detail on this story. But, when I lived outside, before mom brought be inside, every spring and summer I would go through these spells when I’d feel like I was going crazy; I would get so hyper sometimes. This feeling would come and go for a few months and then it would finally pass. I couldn’t help it; it just happened. I think Mom calls this feeling being “in heat” or “in season”.  Whatever.  It was drag.  I mean, I guess it was kind of a rush the first couple of times it happened, but then it was exhausting.

When these spells came over me I’d get so much attention from the boy cats on the block that it became overwhelming.  Once in a while there’d be a guy I kind of liked, but most of the time it was a bunch of losers.  Maybe I shouldn’t say that. I’m sure they were perfectly nice. I just wasn’t into them.  Thing is, it’s tough being outside all year long, and the longer you’re there, the bigger the toll it takes on you, and it showed in some of these older guys.  Some of them were really a mess, but it wasn’t their fault.  God knows. They were probably adorable when they were kittens.

Anyway, it was a drag for me because there were long periods of time when I was the only girl on the block, and it was hard to deal with so much attention from all these boys.

One morning when mom was about to come out of the front door of the house to go to work, (she wasn’t my mom then. I just knew her as the lady who lived in this house) she stopped short because she saw me through the tall window in the door with my back pressed up against the bottom of it.  I didn’t know she was there, looking out at me, until I heard her yell from inside “Oh my God!” because she saw I was surrounded by four male cats, all coming at me at the same time. They were just inches away from me, facing the door mom was about to open.

She knocked on the glass to scare the boys away.  It scared me too until I realized what was happening.  Somehow I knew the noise wasn’t directed at me. She opened the door gently since I was right up against it, and she shouted at the boys to “scat!”  As they started to reluctantly back away, she came out on to the porch, stood in front of me and clapped her hands and stamped her feet as she shouted at them to get lost and stop bothering me.  I couldn’t believe it – it felt like a miracle!

Mom stayed on the porch with me until the boys were out of sight, and then she bent down, looked me right in the face and said “I’ve got to get you out of here sweetheart.” And I thought to myself, Sure, lady, how in the world could that ever happen?”

I never imagined that one day she would catch me and bring me inside, but a few months later that’s exactly what she did.

I live with mom and three boy cats now. When I lived outside I never would have thought I’d say this, but I love being inside! No matter what time of year it is I feel pretty relaxed and I have just about everything I need.

Back when mom caught me she took me to the doctor to have surgery.  I wrote about that whole thing in another post. ( A Fish Tale) It seems like a lifetime ago now.  From what I understand that surgery stopped my crazy spells. I haven’t really cared about boys since then; not the way I used to, and frankly it’s a relief! The boy cats I live with now are my adopted brothers. (I think they all had some kind of surgery too.)  It took us a while to figure out how to get along with each other; I was kind of scared of them at first, and they weren’t sure about me either, but we got over it and now we’re a family.  We even sleep on the couch together.  Amazing!

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