Sensitive Creatures
December 11, 2017
Sleep Much?
December 14, 2017

Work?!  Again? What do you mean you have to go to “work”?  You just did that work thing yesterday and the day before that. Why do you keep going there?  When you go to work sometimes you don’t come back for hours and hours and hours – way past dinnertime some nights. Why do you do keep doing this “work”?  You say it’s how we keep our house and get our food, but does it really have to take so looonngg?

I noticed that you never bring our food home from work.  No, you go and fetch it on the other days when we get to stay in bed in the morning, so I don’t get it.  What does work have to do with food?  Work doesn’t seem worth all that time away from home to me. Do you really like it that much?  Is there anything to eat there??

You should stay home today and we should take a long nap and then you can go get the food later if you want to.  Doesn’t that make more sense?  I love you mom, but I think you need to wise up about this work thing.  Xo

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